Thursday, November 4, 2010

Love, Life, and Memories


Hi everyone...

It's been a whiLe since I have posted. 

I have pubLished my first book, "Love, Life, and Memories".  PLease spread the word to all of your friends and famiLy!!! FeeL free to purchase copies and give them away as Christmas gifts!!! : )  PLease support me!!! I am currentLy starting on my second book (this one is not a poetry book).  So be on the Lookout for that one in a few months!!!  You can purchase my book at this website:

Anywho...  It hurts me to know I can't prevent heartache and pain for those I Love.  I know I am not an oLd wise woman, however I do feeL I have wisdom from going through the different situations Life has thrown at me. Love is a beautifuL thing, however the heartache of a bad situation can cause some peopLe to fear ever being in Love again! My advice is to forgive the person and move on with your Life.  Don't aLLow them to have a hoLd over you to the point where you don't want to experience GOD's most precious gift!

Life happens, and there is nothing you can do about your past!!!! Your past shouLd be Looked at as a buiLding bLock to your future!  Use every positive and negative situation you have encountered to motivate you, guide you, and remind you of where you were, where you are, and where you want to go in Life!  GOD has a promise for you, and it is your responsibiLity to fuLfiLL your destiny!!!  Everything you have ever wanted and dreamed of is yours, pLus more!!!

Thinking about your past for too much time can be detrimentaL!  It is fine to reminisce over great memories, however, there is no need to hoLd on to the negative ones!  Let it go and Let GOD!!!

I hope everyone has a great day and week!!! It's Thursday, so the week is aLmost over!!!!!
Be safe, and be wise! Every decision and action has a consequence, so be prepared to deaL with them!!!

Love you aLL!!!


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