Thursday, September 30, 2010

My First Post...

HeLLo worLd... : )

This is my very first post and I want to start off by thanking my co-worker Marissa for heLping me come up with the name for my bLog...

My second note is a shout-out to my friend CoLette aka CoCo... I am so extremeLy bLessed to have a new friendship with you! Love you boo!!! Now go study for FunctionaL ; p

I am currentLy working on a poetry book titled "Love, Life, and Memories", so pLease support me when it becomes pubLished!!! : ) Thanks in advance!

So I grew up aLways going to church, but never really encountering GOD... Since I have been in Winston-SaLem I have definateLy grown mentaLLy, spirituaLLy, and emotionaLLy!  I appreciate every situation GOD has aLLowed to experience, whether it was a good or bad experience, I grew from it!  Every day wiLL not be the best day, but I wiLL appreciate it because I didn't have to wake up!  Moving on in Life is the onLy way to Live... There is no point in being iLL or hoLding a grudge against anyone or being upset about any situation, there is nothing you can do about it now so Let go and Let GOD!!!!  Forgive others and yourseLf! 

Growing up I was very active with dance, church, and cheerLeading... I have very few peopLe I wiLL caLL my actuaL friend. I'm just over the stage in Life where you caLL everyone you have cLasses with or share hobbies with as being my friend... There are ruLes about being a decent friend...

RuLe 1:  be honest and open with me

RuLe 2:  don't be a pretender, meaning you pretend to be my friend just to get the benefits of being my friend...

RuLe 3:  have my back in any situation, if I'm wrong Let me know, but support me (there is nothing worse than feeLing Like you have no one to support you)

RuLe 4:  understand a friendship is Like any reLationship... there must be a 50/50 commitment... you shouLd give or put as much into our friendship as I do, and expect the same out of me.  If I'm not putting forth my 50, Let  me know

RuLe 5:  I cannot read minds, and I cannot expect you to read my mind... Which goes back to ruLe 1, be honest and open... if something is bothering you in Life or that I have or haven't done, Let me know!

And those are my basic ruLes to being a decent friend! : ) appLy this to every "Friendship" you have!  If your friendship doesn't meet all of these criteria, in my eyes you may need to sit down with your "friend" and discuss the friendship or cut it and keep it moving!!!

Live Life to the fuLLest... Love every decision or mistake that you make... Learn from every choice you make or from every situation you are in

Thanks for reading my first post... I hope you continue to LiteraLLy read what's on my mind!

Have a great day!!!! : )