Thursday, October 14, 2010

When do you say enough is enough??

Hi guys... Hope aLL is weLL...

When do you say enough is enough? Whether it be with a reLationship, or abuse, even with settLing...

Why settLe for anything in your Life?  GOD never wanted you to settLe for Less than what HE wants you to have, and that is definiteLy not settLing, but recovering everything HE has promised you.  If something or someone is not what you want in your Life, why waste your time?  Why feeL as though you couLd have better, if you aren't going to go out and Look or search for better, or better yet reLease yourseLf from your present situation to aLLow GOD to give you better???

I have never been abused, so I understand that I reaLLy can't say too much about it, however I have heard that when you are getting abused you feeL afraid of what may happen if you try to Leave, or you are afraid of being aLone or having no where to go.  May view on this sensitive subject is why stay where you are not appreciated.  I wouLd rather be homeLess than to go home everyday afraid for my Life!  I wouLd rather be happy and enjoy the simpLe things in Life than to never know what the outside worLd Looks Like due to the fear of going outside and peopLe noticing bruises.  Even with verbaL or mentaL abuse, why stay where the onLy thing you hear is negativity?  There is no way you can actuaLLy beLieve someone Loves you when aLL they do is put you down and never upLift you!  There is aLways a positive to every negative, but never aLLow your Life to be more negative than positive!

With reLationships there shouLd be a 50/50 agreement.  There shouLd be an equaL amount of affection, care, and attention given to your significant other.  There shouLd never be one spouse does more thatn the other in the reLationship.  When wiLL you get tired of not being treated Like the king or queen that you are?  When wiLL you reaLize GOD has so much more for you than you couLd even imagine??? Open your mind, heart, and souL to recieve aLL GOD has to offer and give you!

Don't cLose yourseLf up in a box! ExpLore pLaces you have never been.  Do things you have never done!  Open yourseLf up to things and you wiLL be surprised to the many wonderfuL and amazing things GOD has in store for you!!!!

When do you say enough is enough or when do you reaLize that what you have is not enough???  Don't Limit what you can have due to what others think... Or even what you yourseLf thinks... Know that there ismuch more out there for you to have, aLL you have to do is dream, have faith, beLieve and open yourseLf up to recieve any and everything pLus more that you have ever wanted!!!

Live, Laugh, Love!!!



  1. Good post -- something we ALL need to think about -- when IS enuf really enuf?? Thanks!!!

  2. no problem mom! miss u!!!!! : (